Minutes – Meeting of January 11, 2016

Houlton Council 1873 Knights of Columbus
Council Minutes January 11, 2016
Council Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM by DGK Paul

Opening Prayer by Rob
Roll Call : Officers present – DGK, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Lecturer, Advocate, District Deputy, Inside and Outside Guard, one Trustee. All others absent.
Minutes of last meeting: Minutes not read due to absence of recorder.
Treasurer Report. There is a current balance of $2060.40 in the account.
District deputy Minute- Ron Darling did make the polar dip in support of the Special Olympics.
We need to establish a date for the Hoop Shoot prior to the end of January to support the District shoot off.
Surge reports for the Council need to be in by 1 March 2016.
Form SP-7 needs to be completed for the Columbian Award need to be completed by 1 March 2016.
Form 1728 needs to be completed and submitted for 31 January 2016.
We have a financial audit due 15 February 2016.
The Northern Maine Mensa retreat is scheduled for April 1 to 3 for those that are interested.
The Knights of Columbus have a new regarding Growing the Church Family. This has been discussed in the Latest Columbian magazine. There were discussions regarding how we can participate. Deacon wil discuss with Father Dave.
Our District deputy gave the Council the following:
1) We received Certification for the First Degree team
2) We received certificate of appreciation for support of the Pro-Life Program
3) We received certificate for service activities for church, community, council, family life, pro-life.

It was noted that those Knights that are 4th Degree, may wear the Social Baldrick with the blue blazer.
Old Business – Previously we had discussed the need to have a 2nd and 3rd Degree here at the Council. We have selected 27 February as the date for our 2nd Degree. Dave Grant had agreed to check with the State to see if we could have a 3rd Degree on the same day. Preliminary schedule is for registration at 9 AM with the Degree starting at 10 AM. There will be no lunch afterward if there is no Degree to follow.
New Business –We discussed the hoop shoot. A date of 31 January was selected to have time to advertise the event. Tentative time was set at 12 – 2 PM. Dave Grant agreed to contact the Rec Center to make the arrangements. Subsequent to the meeting, it was found that the Rec Center was not available for the times that we had agreed to. The only date available is 24 January at 10:00AM to 12:30 PM.
The Valentines Day dinner was discussed. 14 February is the date of the dinner at 5 PM. Preparation will begin at Noon. The menu is rib-eye steak or Haddock, mashed potatoes and vegetable with strawberry short cake for desert. Signup sheets will be posted in the church. Cost is $40 per couple or $20 per single.
The next breakfast is tentatively scheduled for 6 March 2016. Date of the breakfast to be confirmed at the next meeting.
It was noted that dues are due. Our Financial Secretary announced that bills will be sent out shortly.
A suggestion was made that we consider doing something with the center railing in the main steps to the church, to make it removable for funerals. It is a tight fit as it is for Pall Bearers. This is a potential project for warmer weather.
Adjourned at 8:40 PM
Closing prayer by Deacon Al
Respectfully Submitted,
Paul Klein, Recorder Pro Tem