Minutes – Meeting of June 8, 2015

Houlton Council 1873 Knights of Columbus

Council Minutes June 8,2015
Council Meeting called to order at 7:10 by GK Dave
16 members present Also present, Alex.

Opening Prayer by Isaac

Roll Call : All Officers present except Chaplain, Chancellor, Outside Guard, and one Trustee.

Minutes of last meeting: Approved.

Treasurers Report: Balance in checking $1,926.69, Deposit of $100.00 from Votive Candles. Checks: $12.51 and $16.67 for Sterno. $232.00 for Church bulletin. Approved

June 21st is Father’s Day Bar-B-Q. Wess will be gone. We are serving Chicken. potato salad, green salad, rolls and real baked beans.

July 3rd Midnight Madness, we will be serving chicken patties and condiments. We will set up early in the morning.

July 4th we sill set up in the Church parking lot as usual and serve Burleigh Burgers and hot dogs. Will start at 9:00 AM. Bernie will claim our spot.

New project: 2 Heat pumps for the Parish Center, 18000 BTU’s each. Cost $7500.00 installed. Voted to approve. Also voted to pay for them from the CD when it comes due.

Good as new project: Nancy and Chris Pierce have measured store and have ordered new shelving for a section of the store. They have also volunteered to pay for 2 part time workers for the summer. Our contribution is to do some stock moving and assemble and set up the shelving. Wess will let us know when.

Election of Officers due to the resignation of Dave Grant who has accepted the District Deputy position:
The Warden brought out his black and white balls ballot box for the election, but we did not need them.
Elected as Deputy Grand Knight – Paul Klein
Elected as Warden – Todd Hebert

GK stated that we need to write Serge Reports with more pizazz which weighs more heavily when the State reviews them for awards.

Voted to have a fund raiser for Wreaths Across America. We will sell tickets for $10.00 each with a prize of 30 pounds of Lobster or 30 pounds of rib eye steaks. Tickets will be sold thru October 30 with the drawing on November 1st.

Installation of Officers for 4th Degree will not be in July. 3rd Degree will be in September per Dave.

Dave needed a volunteer to travel with him to the other Councils. 2 members volunteered. Cliff and Isaac.

Bill stated that he heard a lot of positive reviews about the Knight’s performance at Paul’s Funeral.

Voted to adjourn at 8:00 PM with closing prayer by Deacon Al.

Respectfully Submitted,
Phil Hathaway, Recorder