Minutes of Feb. 8, 2016

Houlton Council 1873 Knights of Columbus

Council Minutes February 8, 2016

Council Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM by DGK Paul


Roll Call – Officers present – DGK, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Advocate, All others absent.

Minutes of last meeting: Approved

Treasurer Report.  There is a current balance of $1165.30 in the account. Supreme supplies – $341.72. $500.00 to Thomas College for Zack Abner Scholarship. $53.80 for Hoop Shoot Medals.

Old Business – Dave reported that over 200 were fed at the benefit for Mary Lou Fowler. Approximately $5000. was raised. County Yankee donated a whole cart full of groceries to the event. Dave also reported the event was well done and thanked all the Knights who participated.

Dave received 1 application for the Scholarship.

New Business – GK Wess reported the benefit supper for Liz Nelson Irving will take place on May 14th and that the Mother’ Day Breakfast will be on May 8th.

Council voted to purchase Carnations for Mothers Day. $100.00 cost. Dave Grant will take the lead on ordering.

Discussion on Leading the Rosary for all Sundays in May and November resulted in Bruce and Wess leading the Rosary at the 6:00 PM Mass on Saturdays and Phil and Marty leading the Rosary at the  8:00 AM Mass on Sundays. These volunteers will also lead the Rosary at the first Sunday Mass on other months.

It was voted to purchase 1000 Rosary Rings at a cost of $.19 each.

GK Wess passed around Our Service award for achieving the completion of various catagories, Church, Council, etc.

Also we received a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Pro Life Participation.

And finally, received Certification of our First Degree Team.

Discussed recognition of Dave Cuyna’s contributions to the Knights events and that we should present him with a plaque. GK Wess will persue.

8:30 Adjourned

Deacon Al lead the closing prayer.

Reopened Meeting at 8:32 and voted to elect the current slate of Officers.

Adjourned 8:33

Opened Assembly meeting at 8:34 and voted to elect the current slate of Officers

Meeting adjourned at 8:34


Respectfully Submitted,

Phil Hathaway, Recorder