Minutes of March 14, 2016

Houlton Council 1873 Knights of Columbus

Council Minutes March 14, 2016

Council Meeting called to order at 7:28 PM by DGK Paul


Opening Prayer by Deacon Al

Roll Call: Officers present – DGK, Treasurer, Chancellor, Advocate, District Deputy, Outside Guard, two Trustees.  All others absent.

Minutes of last meeting: Minutes not read due to absence of Recorder.

Treasurer Report.  There is a current balance of $2484.21 in the account.

Old Business:

There is a benefit dinner on April 2nd at the VFW in Island Falls.  Dinner starts at 5:30 PM which was approved at the February meeting.  Preparation for the benefit will occur on Friday the 1st of April in the church kitchen.  Help will be required for the preparation.  We will meet in the church parking lot and depart at 2 PM for Island Falls to prepare the meal.   Dave will see to the materials to prepare the meal.

There is an additional benefit dinner tentatively scheduled for April 9th.  The date is not confirmed.  There will be E-mails regarding this dinner once the dinner date has been established.

The application for Chaplin of the Year for Fr. Dave has been submitted.

As a result of the two benefit dinners that are being conducted, it was decided to skip the breakfast for April.  To eliminate the need to work two breakfasts in May, we agreed to support the Mothers Day breakfast only.  We briefly brought up the requirement for carnations for Mothers Day as a reminder and to place it on the schedule for action next month

New Business:

It is time to advertise for the Knights scholarship that we give every year.  Dave will talk to patti to get it advertised in the bulletin.

at 9 AM with the Degree starting at 10 AM.  There will be no lunch afterward if there is no Degree to follow.

Adjourned at 7:50 PM

Closing prayer by Deacon Al

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul Klein