The Knights of Columbus Officers

Paul Klein, Grand Knight

Michael Dobbs, Deputy Grand Knight

Clifford Barker, Treasurer

Jason Beck,  Recorder

Andrew Ciszewski, Financial Secretary

Isaac Brown, Chancellor

Robert Goulet, Lecturer

Deacon Al, Advocate

Todd Hebert, Warden

James Dobbs, Inside Guard

Wes TabbOutside Guard

Marty Fitzpatrick, Trustee for one year

Bernie Fitzpatrick, Trustee for two years

Romaine Ouelette, Trustee for three years

All officers and members are asked to attend if at all possible.

Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Assembly

Faithful Navigator, Isaac Brown

Faithful Comptroller, Michael Dobbs

Faithful Friar, Father Kent

Faithful Captain, Wesley Tabb

Faithful Admiral, Bruce Reynolds

Faithful Purser, David Grant

Faithful Pilot, Brian Griffin

Faithful Scribe, Paul Klein

Inner Sentinel, Todd Hebert

Outer Sentinel, James Dobbs

One year Trustee, Doc Robert La Morgese

Two Year Trustee, Deacon Al Burleigh

Three Year Trustee, Eugene Jewell

Captain of the Honor Guard, Rob Goulet